Thursday, July 17, 2014

Fall Collection

Here is an assortment of puzzles and creations from over the Summer

The Fall Collection.

Vase/Face Candlestick Holders

 The Negative spaces are faces

A small kitchen table I am making.
The top is finished and acclimating to the house

 This is one of legs

 This is the legs with the pattern on them that they will be shaped to.

90% of the designs are not mine.
 Elijah and Beatrice stained the tiger. I painted the stripes on this side.
 Beatrice painted the stripes on this side.

 no, this is not an animal

The Hippos 
They get their own section

A Pencil Holder

Weird sliced Hippos, Some in Color

Desk Organizer: Pen/Pencil Holders

Back to the Animals

A Rectangle and Two Small Cube Puzzles

A Large Rectangular 3D Puzzle

 Finally, A Train & a Pencil Holder